The Effects of Social Media

Social media has become a constant part of daily life and, because of this, has had a big effect on those who use it. The effects of social media are very controversial. Social media has been proven to have an effect on many things such as the brain, social skills, health, views on reality, and behavior.


So what exactly is social media? According to [Merriam Webster Dictionary]“Social media is a form of electronic communication through which people create online communities to share info, ideas, personal messages etc.“ Some of the most popular forms of social media include Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. Social media has been proven to actually contribute to rising IQ’s, help people find supportive communities, and has also helped boost the economy in various ways. Although social media does have these and other benefits, it also has various negative effects. Social media can lead to ADD, media assisted crimes have exponentially grown since the rise of social media, increases in cyber bullying which often end up leading to suicides in the worst cases to name a few.

“In a subtle fashion, social networks help spread contagions; create “epidemics” of obesity, smoking and substance abuse, disseminate fads and markets, alter voting patterns, and more.” (2) Social media has a big impact on adolescents. Many kids have social media, especially Instagram or Snapchat, causing them to be exposed to a lot of things that kids probably shouldn’t be exposed to such as cyber bullying, some strong language, inappropriate pictures, creepy people,  and much more. Because everyone uses social media and has been for so long, some of this goes unnoticed and has just become normal.


After examining the negatives and positives of social media, although I do agree with both sides of the argument, I do not see a person of my age giving up on using social media. Social media has already become such an essential part of modern life that it would be difficult or nearly impossible to try and stop using social media completely at this point. Instead of trying to get completely rid of social media, a healthy solution could be just limiting your time online.


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